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Music of Reality: Through the Eyes of a Child

May 4, 2018 - Through the Eyes of a Child

Music on the Square series
1025 S. Potomac St, Baltimore, MD

LECTURERS: Dr. Clara Han of Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Andrew Brandel of Harvard University.  Together, they are collaborating on a book that will explore how families inherit the catastrophic loss of a world through war, genocide, and displacement.  In this event, they will discuss these issues through the lens of their own familial histories – the Korean War and the Holocaust.  Not only will they will explore how the familial memory of violence is inherited by future generations, with particular attention to scenes of domestic life, but they will also reflect on the nature of collaboration between individuals who bear different, but related, histories of loss and displacement, and whose biographies are marked by immigration, inequality, and racialization. 

MUSIC: Works by Leonard Bernstein, Missy Mazzoli, Mary Kouyoumdjian, and David Ibbett.

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