I began collaborating with Transient Canvas in early 2015, and was immediately drawn to the many deft and detailed rhythms that emerged organically from clarinet slaps and stabs, marimba tones and resonator clangs. I was excited to combine these sounds in complex layers, and thus began a process of electronic sampling and experimentation - Branches is the result.

Over the course of the piece, contrasting grooves branch out from a central trunk, interweaving lyrical melodies with dance rhythms in an expanding world of sound.

BRANCHES for marimba, bass clarinet and electronics [2015] - 6'30"

Branches was composed during a residency at the Avaloch Farm New Music Institute in 2015, a collaboration between the composer and the Transient Canvas ensemble.


  • Marimba (5 octaves)
  • Bass clarinet in Bb

Equipment Required:

  • PC/Mac running Max MSP or a DAW such as Ableton

  • Audio interface with MIDI input

  • MIDI sustain pedal

  • Sound system - flexible from stereo to multichannel diffusion

Download sample score pages or purchase the score below: