Click the titles to see information about each piece, listen, purchase scores and view sample pages. Purchase of all electronics scores includes the design of a custom electronic patch to suit the needs of performance

Video Works

Drosophila (2019) - footage by Tomer et al 2012


Sycamore Life - footage by Neil Bromhall
charity single for the Green Cambridge Heritage Tree Project


Works for Instruments and Electronics

Cellular Dance (2019) full length ballet or concert piece
for piano and electronics performer, 30’00”


Floods and Tears (2018) for piano and electronics, 11'30"

Phenomena of Growth (2017) for piano and electronics, 10'00"


Beauty From Nothing (2016) for piano and electronics, 20'00"

Branches (2015) for marimba, bass clarinet and electronics, 6'30"


Europa (2015) tone poem for flute (doubling piccolo, flute, alto flute) and electronics, 30'00"


Islands (2014) concerto for cello and electronics, 15'00"

For Mending (2011) song without words for cello & electronics, 5'00"

Cellosampler (2008) for cello and electronics, 5'40"


For Each Step (2011) song without words for violin & electronics, 4'45"

Cambrian Air (2011) for horn duo and electronics, 13'00"

Re: Noir (2009) for tenor saxophone and electronics, 9'40"
Concert version of dance score commissioned by choreographer Jacob Hobbs

Solo and Chamber Ensemble

The Snow Thawed And So Did We (2017) song without words for violin and piano, 4'00"

Here and Nowhere Else (2016) for percussion quartet, 10'00"


Roots (2015) for cello trio, 10'00"

Where the Path Ends (2015) for horn and piano, 7'00"

Blues (2014) for viola and piano, 7'20"

Briar Rose (2014) for sextet: flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, viola and cello, 6'20"

Without Words (2010) for quintet: 3 hangs, clarinet/bclar, two violins and cello, 8'45"
- arrangements available with percussion/piano replacing hangs


Large Ensemble/Orchestra

Albion Trails (2009) for octet: flute, clar/bclar, horn, vibraphone, harp, violin, viola, cello, 7'00"

Lodestar (2009) for sinfonietta, 6'40"


Piano Poems (2014) four electroacoustic miniatures, 7'40"

Miksang (2011) stereo acousmatic, composed to accompany a contemporary ballet by choreographer Letizia Mazzeo, 11'52"


The Madness of Lady Macbeth (2009) for soprano and piano, 4'00"