"Islands is a musical drama, a story told through a fusion of styles. The concerto, symphony, acousmatic music and the song all have their part to play. Though abstract, many of the piece’s themes explore the different aspects of love - a lonely ‘needing, longing’ kind (no man is an island) becoming gradually destructive and giving way to something new, something thankful, a sense of togetherness, completeness."

ISLANDS concerto for cello and electronics [2014] - 15'00"

Scored for solo cello and fixed media with clicktrack, Islands was premiered in the UK with the Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre in May 2014 with cellist Gregor Riddell, and has since been performed in Banff, Canda, and several concert series in the US, including the Electronic Music Midwest and Original Gravity.


  • Solo cello
  • Optional: Electronics performer/Live sound technician

Equipment Required:

  • PC/Mac running a DAW such as Ableton or Logic

  • Reverb plugins

  • Audio interface

  • Amplification: recommended DPA 4099-C cello microphone

  • Headphones/earpiece for cellist

  • Sound system - flexible from stereo to multichannel diffusion

Download sample score pages or purchase the score below: