What would it mean to find life beyond earth? If we were to learn that life is a rare, yet consistently emergent phenomenon, it would have a profound impact on our perspective here on Earth. Inspired by this question, Europa presents a dramatization of a voyage to Jupiter’s sixth moon in search of microbial life beneath its icy surface.

Narrated by the intrepid solo flautist (alternating flute, piccolo and alto flute), we experience: a rocket blast and the struggle to leave Earth’s gravity, the void of space and the pain of isolation. Now lost, a vision of a goddess leads the way as the moon rears up and we impact with the ice. Stranded amongst the glaciers and glorious geysers of oxygenated water, we begin to drill for the oceans beneath.

What will we discover? Will the knowledge change us for the better?


EUROPA, tone poem for flute and electronics [2015,2018] - 30'00"

Europa was written for flautist Karin de Fleyt and was premiered at the Coventry University on the 11th of March 2015. The piece was later revised and received its US premiere at the Original Gravity concert series on the 22nd of March 2018.

Composed in three movements [I: Rockets, II: Transmissions, III: Glaciers and Glorious Geysers] each movement can be performed separately or in complete sequence.


Soloist alternating flute, piccolo and alto flute

Equipment Required:

PC/Mac running a DAW such as Ableton or Logic

Audio interface

Headphones/earpiece for the soloist

Amplification: recommended a body microphone for easy instrument switching

Sound system - flexible from stereo to multichannel diffusion

Download sample score pages or purchase the score below: