Cellosampler grew out of the desire to extend the technical and sonic capabilities of the cello via electronic sampling. Recording a selection of short sounds - battutos, pizzicato and staccatos - gave rise to the creation of a wealth of rhythmic cells, in the manner of a drum machine. These are then used a springboard for a creative performer's improvisations.

This piece is dedicated to Jonathan Harvey, who encouraged me to compose electronic music.



CELLOSAMPLER for amplified cello and electronics [2008] - 5'30"

Scored for amplified cello and fixed media without clicktrack, Cellosampler was written during a residency at the Aldeburgh Festival 2008, under the guidance of Jonathan Harvey, and premiered at the Faster Than Sound Festival at Snape Maltings.

Equipment Required:

PC/Mac running a DAW such as Ableton or Logic

Audio interface

Amplification: recommended a DPA pickup mic

Stop watch or timer

Sound system - stereo

Download sample score pages or purchase the score below: