Aeolian Progression - Europa spring tour!

In spring 2015, Karin de Fleyt and I founded Aeolian Progression in order to tour Europa and other works for flute and electronics:

Aeolian Progression seeks to unlock new sounds, potentials and expressions for flute and electronics.

Combining an extensive knowledge of modern flute repertoire with a unique fusion approach to electronic music, we aspire to create works that embrace the fullest possible range of musical expression. Using the electronics as a ‘prism’ - the sound of the flute is refracted into diverse timbres, styles and textures which coalesce to create works of deep poetry and drama.

In our spring tour 2015, we performed and gave lectures at:

Coventry University Recital Series on the 11th of March 

iFimPaC at Leeds College of Music on the 13th of March, performance at the Festival’s Nonclassical event

BEAST FEAST at Birmingham University on the 2nd of May