Tour with Aeolian Progression

Karin and I are very excited to be touring the UK and Belgium this November with our collaboration Aeolian Progression


Jorge Garcia del Valle, No sun, no moon, for bass flute and electronics 

Neal Farwell, Shroud, for piccolo / alto flute and electronics 

David Ibbett, Europa, for flute, piccolo, bass flute and electronics


13/11/15 - lunchtime concert at the University of Bristol, UK followed by a lecture demonstration for Bristol’s composers and performers. 

  • 1pm: Victoria Rooms Auditorium, Bristol, BS8 1SA

19/11/15 - lecture recital at Gent Conservatoire, discussing techniques from Europa for composers and performers

  • 1pm: Hogeschool Gent: departement Conservatorium, 9000 Gent, Belgium

19/11/15 - evening concert at the Logos Foundation, Gent

  • 8pm: Logos Foundation, Bomastraat 24, 9000 Gent, Belgium