Music of Reality @ Noisegate Festival NYC

8pm Friday, Sept 23, 2016 @ New York University, Steinhardt, NYC


Cosmic Microwave Background Sonifications - David Ibbett

Talk - Dr. Tae Hong Park: Urban Noise Pollution

Nunataks - John Luther Adams

Omniscience is a Collective - Jaime Reis

Night Music - Stephan Cabell

Talk - Matthew Kleban: “Pure Noise: Discoveries from the Cosmic Microwave Background”

Music of Reality I & II - David Ibbett

Lecture: Prof. Matthew Kleban - “Pure Noise: Discoveries from the Cosmic Microwave Background”


Sophia Subbayya Vastek, piano

David Ibbett, electronics


The inaugural NoiseGate Festival is a collaboration between The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN-SDSN) Global Arts Initiative, Citygram, Harvestworks, Monthly Music Hackathon, Music of Reality, Kadenze, ThinkCoffee, University of Redlands. The theme of the festival is centered on the environment in a broad sense, while also aiming to bring awareness to spatial noise, with a particular focus on urban noise pollution.  More information:

This program is rooted in our relationship with the physical world.  Man-made noise, as with any other kind of pollution, masks parts of our world and renders it different from before.  As a word in our cultural language, noise is often associated with “non-music” and the ugly, but noise is everywhere on this earth, and is part of its sheer beauty, when one listens.