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CMB Sonifications

Sonifications of the Cosmic Microwave Background signal from the last Music of Reality Show, created from data collected by NASA’s WMAP probe.

In order to experience the data’s underlying patterns, Dr. Matthew Kleban of NYU Physics and I have collaborated to produce these harmonic sonifications. By mapping multipole moment and temperature fluctuations to frequency and amplitude, a musical chord can be produced which reveals the harmonic relationships of the universe’s early plasma state. The sonifications simulate the gradual emergence of this chord from total noise - a journey from the early universe to the present day - and go on to playfully explore higher partials and raw radio telescope static. Gradually, the intensity of the harmonic peaks is sharpened to allow the universal harmonies to shine out.

Music of Reality @ Noisegate Festival NYC

8pm Friday, Sept 23, 2016 @ New York University, Steinhardt, NYC


Cosmic Microwave Background Sonifications - David Ibbett

Talk - Dr. Tae Hong Park: Urban Noise Pollution

Nunataks - John Luther Adams

Omniscience is a Collective - Jaime Reis

Night Music - Stephan Cabell

Talk - Matthew Kleban: “Pure Noise: Discoveries from the Cosmic Microwave Background”

Music of Reality I & II - David Ibbett

Lecture: Prof. Matthew Kleban - “Pure Noise: Discoveries from the Cosmic Microwave Background”


Sophia Subbayya Vastek, piano

David Ibbett, electronics


The inaugural NoiseGate Festival is a collaboration between The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN-SDSN) Global Arts Initiative, Citygram, Harvestworks, Monthly Music Hackathon, Music of Reality, Kadenze, ThinkCoffee, University of Redlands. The theme of the festival is centered on the environment in a broad sense, while also aiming to bring awareness to spatial noise, with a particular focus on urban noise pollution.  More information:

This program is rooted in our relationship with the physical world.  Man-made noise, as with any other kind of pollution, masks parts of our world and renders it different from before.  As a word in our cultural language, noise is often associated with “non-music” and the ugly, but noise is everywhere on this earth, and is part of its sheer beauty, when one listens.