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British composer/electronic artist David Ibbett’s “Branches” beautifully melds European electronic dance music with contemporary classical music.
— Transient Canvas Ensemble on the premiere of Branches for bass clarinet, marimba and electronics
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[Without Words] by the composer David Ibbett, really appealed to us and we have taken it into our repertoire. It is the only commission on our CD and we love it. It has really pushed us technically, and opened doors to new ideas and compositions.
— The Living Room in London ensemble interviewed in MUSO magazine. Read the full article.
David Ibbettpress, without words
David Ibbett’s lo-fi electronic score put me in mind of John Carpenter’s soundtracks for his own films, which I mean entirely as a compliment.
— Lise Smith of reviews Project 51 dance collaboration at The Place Resolutions! 2012. Morricone is certainly a big influence of mine! Read the full review
David Ibbettpress, project 51
Jacob Hobbs’s consistently amusing Project 51 was first out of the gate… Fuelled by a kick-arse score (by David Ibbett) fusing quasi-big screen bombast and club grooves, the grimacing threesome threw themselves into a series of stealthy, bellicose and OTT slow-mo macho moves that yielded wittily knowing juvenile pleasure.
— Donald Hutera of The Times, The New York Times reviews dance collaboration Project 51 at The Place: Resolution! 2012. Read the full review
David Ibbettpress, project 51
Conductor Richard Baker provided confident and precise direction from the podium. I enjoyed listening to all three works, but particularly appreciated David Ibbett’s Albion Trails.
— Rosalind Porter, BBC Radio 3 writes on the Barbican’s Total Immersion 2010 event, and the premier of Albion Trails for octet. Read the full review
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