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Without Words - a quintet for violins, ‘cello, bass clarinet and hang - was commissioned by the Living Room in London ensemble for their summer concert series 2010. The piece has since become an integral part of the ensemble’s repertoire and has been performed in venues around Europe. On January 23rd 2012, the ensemble launched their debut album which features a fantastic studio recording of the piece.

The opening melody, a ‘song without words’,  is cast in a stream of developing variations. Rising and submerging in many different forms, the theme explores ever more extreme manifestations until its true nature is revealed, fulfilled and exhausted.

[Without Words] by the composer David Ibbett, really appealed to us and we have taken it into our repertoire. It is the only commission on our CD and we love it. It has really pushed us technically, and opened doors to new ideas and compositions.
— The Living Room in London ensemble interviewed in MUSO magazine. Read the full article.
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